Why can't I buy Legeris through the Legeris.Net web site?

The Free Forever edition of Legeris provides exactly the same feature as the Annual Commitment edition. By using the Free for Ever edition and working with up-to five (5) documents you will know that the product is right for you. 

When you want to extend past the limited documents to an unlimited number, then through the Licensing page in the Lēgeris Service Application administration area, you can purchase an annual subscription.

Payment can be made by credit card or company purchase order using the Order by Fax option on the checkout page. 

Lēgeris is priced in US dollars as it is sold globally through Prices in British pounds and Euros are set by SP Additions Ltd and can be selected on the checkout page.  Payment can also be made in a range of other currencies offered by Share-It on the check-out page.  Share-It is a service of Digital River GmbH used by SP Additions Ltd for global payment collection.

Digital River GmbH (Share-it) is the seller of the Lēgeris for SharePoint and your contractual partner.



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