Lēgeris Installation and Service Application Configuration


There are two Lēgeris installation components, Lēgeris SharePoint Common WSP and Lēgeris Service WSP.

Lēgeris SharePoint Common is deployed globally. Lēgeris SharePoint service is deployed to Central Administration and any SharePoint Web Application that requires the Lēgeris feature.

PowerShell installation

Instructions here…

Central Administration

When installed, a new Lēgeris Service Administration option appears in Application Management. The image below shows the option in SharePoint 2010:

The Lēgeris Service Administration page is displayed below. Install on multiple servers eliminate single point of failure

Use the Service Instance can be used to manage the Service and the servers it resides on. The Service Application Status can be used to manage the Application Pool used and the Lēgeris Database.

Service Application Page

The Lēgeris Service Application pages provide access to the Lēgeris Web Parts and the Email Template page to define the Organisation emails. By setting the templates at the Service Application level they then flow down to each Lēgeris Settings List and can be inherited by Reading Categories.

Email Templates

Each email can be configured independently. The image below shows the email template page:

Having made any changes it is essential you press the Update button to commit the changes to the Lēgeris database.



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